All Events

A chronological listing of all events from the story. From Henry's appearance in Oak Park in 1903 to his visit to Clare when she is 82 years old.

As mentioned on the Discussion page, we have listed events that are stated in the book as well as those we can infer from information presented. We have also listed events chronologically at both ends, that is, when Henry appears in 1973, coming from the wedding, we list that in 1973, when Henry disappears from the wedding travelling back to 1973, we list that in 1993 as that is when the disappearance occurs.

1903 Page: xiiAlba: -Clare: -Henry: -
Henry (age unknown) arrives in Oak Park, Illinois, throws up on wooden sidewalk
Henry tells Clare that he has travelled approximately 50 years in each direction. The 1903 date would then seem to be the earliest date he has visited as it is 80 years in the past. At the time Henry tells Clare this, he has not yet travelled to see Clare when she is 82, however that would be about 50 years in his future. Other than that trip we do not hear of any trips that far in the future, the visit to Alba when she is 10 is the furthest.
1950's Page: ixAlba: -Clare: -Henry: -
Henry (age unknown) arrives on fine autumn day, throws up on tennis court.
Early 1950's Page: 354Alba: -Clare: -Henry: -
Henry 7 from 1970 or 1971 arrives sees Kimy's daughter Min in back yard.
We know Kimy's daughter dies in 1956 at the age of 7 so it was before this.
Unknown Page: 402Alba: -Clare: -Henry: -
Henry 38 from September 5 2001 arrives having disappeared during Clare's labor, visits old school
Henry tells us of many trips to his own past. He sees his parents and himself at various ages, his mother pregnant with him, his parents pushing him in a stroller and so on. We are not given any details, though. His exact age as a child, from when he is travelling, nor his age.
Unknown Page: 195Alba: -Clare: -Henry: -
Henry 28 from December 24 1991 arrives in an elementary school having disappeared from church.
Henry disappears from the church during the Christmas service and arrives here. After a few minutes he disappears and travels forward to December 28 1991 and appears in his own apartment.
Early 1963 Page: 109Alba: -Clare: -Henry: -
Henry (age unknown) arrives and sees his mother, pregnant with him.
Sunday, June 16, 1963 Page: 22Alba: -Clare: -Henry: -
Henry is born.
We are told that Sunday, June 16, 1968 is Henry's fifth birthday.
October 2 1966 Page: 326Alba: -Clare: -Henry: -
Henry 32 from April 13 1996 arrives, sits in tree and decides he wants a baby.
The book states that Henry is 33, but this must be incorrect. See April 1996 for more.
June 16, 1968 Page: 22Alba: -Clare: -Henry: 5
Henry makes first trip, travels to Field Museum and meets Henry 24 from January 2 1988.
We are told this is the same day as Henry's real-time trip to museum, but there is no proof of that. That Henry's first time travelling occurred for him on the same day as his birthday trip to the museum we know. However, young Henry hears from older Henry that the meeting takes place on the same day. Older Henry has the memory that it was the same day, but is this only because older Henry had told him that? It is possible that they both travelled to another day.
December 24, 1969 Page: 113Alba: Clare: Henry: 6
The car crash. Henry's second trip. His mother dies.
He travels from the car to somewhere else and back to the side of the road but we don't know where he goes nor for how long.
December 24, 1969 Page: 231Alba: Clare: Henry:
Henry 28 from around Thanksgiving 1991 arrives, sees mother's death.
We hear from Henry that he travels back to this scene many, many times. In at least one instance he interacts with his 6 year old self, meeting him on the side of the road and wrapping him in a blanket. However, other than the incident above, we do not know from when Henry travels. It would appear, though, that this is a fairly regular trip for him throughout his life.
June 1970 - June 1971 Page: 354Alba: Clare: Henry: 7
Henry travels back to the early 50's (before 1956) and sees Kimy's daughter Min in back yard.
Monday, May 24 1971 Page: 417Alba: Clare: Henry:
Clare is born.
We are told that May 24, 1989 is Clare's 18th birthday.
June 1971 - June 1972 Page: 317Alba: Clare: Henry: 8
Henry makes Ovaltine for Henry 33 from April 7 1996.
June 1971 - June 1972 Page: 309Alba: Clare: Henry: 8
Henry travels forward to December 17 1995 sees Clare 24 in Kimy's kitchen.
Sometime in 1973 Page: 305Alba: Clare: Henry:
Henry 31 from June 9 1995 arrives in Muncie Indiana.
June 7 1973 Page: 48Alba: Clare: Henry:
Henry 9 from June 13 1973 (next Wednesday) arrives and meets Henry 27 who arrives from June - December 1990, pickpocket lessons.
June 13 1973 Page: 48Alba: Clare: Henry: 9
Henry travels back to June 7 1973, meets Henry 27 from June - December 1990, is taught how to pickpocket.
1976 Page: 56Alba: Clare: Henry: 13
Henry sees girl at skating rink killed by a flying puck.
1976 is a guess. When the two Henry's both 15 are talking about it on December 10, 1978, younger Henry says it occurred "a couple of years ago".
1976 Page: 56Alba: Clare: Henry:
Henry less than 15 arrives, returns to skating rink and tries to save girl. Fails.
1976 - December 1978 Page: 56Alba: Clare: Henry:
Henry travels back to skating rink and tries to save girl killed by puck. Fails.
This has to occur between the actual event and December 1978 when the two Henry's discuss it.
June 13 1976 Page: 276Alba: Clare: Henry:
Henry 30 from October 23 1993 arrives at his Dad's apartment after disappearing from wedding.
1976, summer, after June 16 Page: ixAlba: Clare: Henry: 13
Henry older than 28 arrives, watches Henry 13 mowing his grandparents lawn.
Henry says he is sitting in bed with Clare dozing beside him when he makes this trip so he is coming from after October 26 1991 and is at least 28. It must be after June 16 as young Henry is 13.
September 23 1977 Page: 35Alba: Clare: 6Henry:
Clare meets Henry 36 from February 9 2000 for first time.
September 29 1977 Page: 42Alba: Clare:6Henry:
Clare's second meeting with Henry 36 from March 27 2000.
The book states that Henry is 35, but he clearly tells Clare he is from March 27 2000 at which time he is 36. In fact, this is only six weeks after his trip back to the first meeting with Clare, which for him occurs on February 9 2000.
October 16 1977 Page: 47Alba: Clare: 6Henry:
Clare's third visit from Henry (age unknown). Henry dictates the list of visitations.
When Henry visits Clare for her second visit from him, she asks when he will be back. He said "October 16". Interestingly he also said that "it's a Friday" but this is incorrect. October 16, 1977 was a Sunday.

He also told her to bring her diary, so we can assume that on this trip he dictates the dates to her.
October 1977 - May 1978 Page: 418Alba: Clare:6 Henry:
Clare draws picture of duck for Henry 41 from January 2005.
When Henry visits Clare on her 18th birthday he's coming from February 2 2005 and he tells her "two weeks ago you were 6 and drew me a picture of a duck". It is possible that this visit occurred on the same trip where Henry dictated dates into the diary. All we know is it occurred on or after the diary visit and before Clare turns 7 on May 24, 1978.
December 10 1978 Page: 55Alba: Clare: Henry: 15
Henry gets a visit from Henry 15 from March 1979.
February or March 1979 Page: 57Alba: Clare: Henry: 15
Henry gets a visit from Henry 28 or 29 from 1992, they talk about determinism.
March 1979 Page: 55Alba: Clare: Henry: 15
Henry travels back to December 10 1978 has sex with self.
May 1978 - May 1979 Page: 9Alba: Clare: 7Henry:
Clare makes strange lunches for Henry (age unknown).
July 29 1979 Page: 529Alba: Clare: Henry:
Henry 42 from June 2005 - 2006 arrives and Alba 10 from November 2011 - September 2012 arrives. They visit on beach.
We know that Alba is 10. This also must be after she sees Henry at the museum in November of 2011 as she doesn't mention this visit to him.
May 1981 - Fall 1981 Page: 8Alba: Clare: 10Henry:
Clare is visited by Henry 30 - 32
Clare thinks this is future Henry's first visit to the Meadow. He keeps saying "Oh god" and seems bothered by his nudity. He arrives from March 1994 to July 1995. See March 1994 for details.
August 6 1981 Page: xiiAlba: Clare: Henry:
Henry older than 30 arrives in Motel 6 in Athens Ohio. Ends up in the hospital.
We know Henry travels back to his "very worried wife" so he must be older than 30.
September 28 1982 Page: 58Alba: Clare: Henry: 19
Henry travels forward to November 17 1982, incident in police car
November 17 1982 Page: 58Alba: Clare: Henry:
Henry 19 from September 28 1982 arrives, incident in police car
May 14 1983 Page: 62Alba: Clare: 11Henry:
The Ouija board tells Clare that Henry will be her husband.
Summer 1983 Page: 397Alba: Clare: 12Henry:
Clare at beach in 1st bikini with Henry younger than 38 from before September 5 2001
April 12 1984 Page: 63Alba: Clare: 12Henry:
Clare plays chess in the meadow with Henry 36 from June to December 1999
This is the time Clare tells Henry she had hoped that he was married to her in the future.
June 27 1984 Page: 71Alba: Clare: 13Henry:
Clare alone in meadow, thinking about Henry
July 19 1984 Page: 71 Alba: Clare: 13Henry:
Henry (age unknown) visits Clare.
When she is in meadow thinking about Henry on June 27 she says his next visit is 22 days away.
September 23 1984 Page: 72Alba: Clare: 13Henry:
Clare discusses free will with Henry 35 from June 1998 to June 1999 in the meadow
In this conversation Clare's says that Henry had previously given her information about a baby with Down's Syndrome, obviously Kendrick's son. See April 6 1996 for more on this.
October 27 1984 Page: 70Alba: Clare: 13Henry:
Henry 43 from January 1 2007 arrives and is shot, he cries out Clare's name
October 27 1984 Page: 468Alba: Clare: 13Henry:
Henry 43 from June 16 - Sept. 25 2006, hears Henry 43 from January 1 2007 get shot
He hears Henry cry and sees Clare as she runs out in response. They do not talk.
1985 - 1986 Page: 190Alba: Clare: Henry:
Henry 40 from June 2003 - June 2004 arrives, sees Sharon outside the Reading Room.
We know this happens when Sharon is 12 or so and she is three years younger than Clare. We do not know if Henry sees Clare on this trip because by the time Sharon gets Mark to come down and see "the man", he is gone. Sharon says the he looked "about 40".

This brings up an interesting point. Henry states that he goes into the room and props a chair up against the door to prevent anyone coming in. What happens when he disappears? Is the door permanently blocked closed?
November 19 1986 Page: 366Alba: Clare: 15Henry:
Clare's first kiss with Henry 36 from June 9 2000
February 2 1987 Page: 82Alba: Clare: 15Henry:
Clare hears about her mother's death from Henry 38 from October 2001.
May 1987 - May 1988 Page: 232Alba: Clare: 16Henry:
Clare hides Henry's clothes, tries to get Henry (age unknown) to have sex with her.
June 5 1987 Page: 83Alba: Clare: 16Henry:
Clare drives to party with Henry 32 from June 1995 to June 1996
This is interesting. Henry says to Clare "technically, I'm your husband". We do not know exactly when Henry tells Clare that they will be married. She is 11 when the Ouija Board tells her this, and 12 when she tells Henry that she hoped he was married to her in the future. But we don't know when between 12 and 16 he actually tells her. However, one suspects that by the time he kisses her for the first time, when she is 15, he's already told her.
September 27 1987 Page: 92Alba: Clare: 16Henry:
Clare gets revenge on Jason with help from Henry 32 from July 12 1995
September 28 1987 Page: 100Alba: Clare: 16Henry:
Clare at school after revenge on Jason.
January 2 1988 Page: 26Alba: Clare: Henry: 24
Henry travels back to June 16 1968 meets Henry 6 from same day in museum and young Henry's first time travel episode.
June 7 1988 Page: 137Alba: Clare: 17Henry:
Clare photographs Henry older than 36 from after May 9 2000.
When Henry meets Gomez in the alley in 1991 Gomez mentions this photograph. Henry, who is coming from May 9 2000 and is 36, does not know about the photo so the Henry she photographs must be from after that date.
September 11 1988 Page: 103Alba: Clare: 17Henry:
Clare sketches Henry 36 from January 13 2000 in the meadow
December 24 1988 Page: 111Alba: Clare: 17Henry:
Clare hears Henry 40 from June 2003 - June 2004 tell story of his mother's death.
December 24 1988 Page: 116Alba: Clare: Henry: 25
Henry's drinking binge.
February or March 1989 Page: 122Alba: Clare: 17Henry:
Henry age unknown visits Clare.
On April 8 1989 Clare states that its been "almost two months" since she last saw Henry.
April 8 1989 Page: 122Alba: Clare: 17Henry:
Clare introduces Henry age 40 from June 2003 to June 2004 to her Grandmother.
Late April 1989 Page:122 Alba: Clare: 17Henry:
Henry age unknown visits Clare.
On April 8 1989 Clare states that Henry's next scheduled visit is "three weeks away".
May 24 1989 Page: 417Alba: Clare: 18Henry:
Clare's 18th birthday with Henry 41 from February 10 2005
This is Clare's last childhood visitation from Henry.

As we can see, there were 20 some visits from Henry. These are the only ones we can tell for certain occurred. However, according to Clare's diary, Henry visited her 152 times. That means there are over 130 visits that are not recorded.

Also note that between September 23 1977 and May 24 1989 there are 4,262 days meaning that Henry visited her on average every 28 days or, approximately, once a month from age 6 to age 18.

Henry tells Clare to take her diary with her when she first meets him in real-time [Page 7].
April 14 1990 Page: 433Alba: Clare: 18Henry:
Clare wakes up with Gomez
April 27 1990 Page: 437Alba: Clare: Henry: 26
Gomez approaches Henry and Ingrid.
Weird Gomez moment #1.

Before he meets her in real-time, Henry hears Gomez say "Clare says hi!". He realizes that his future is creeping up on him and wonders who Clare might be. But when he meets her 18 months later and realizes that she knows his future self - and her name is Clare - he does not recall this incident.

This is unusual because, as Henry says later, he loves it when little inexplicable things fall into place.
June 1990 - December 1990 Page: 48Alba: Clare: Henry: 27
Henry travels back to June 7 1973, meets Henry 9 from June 13 1973 and teaches him to pick pockets
September 3 1990 Page: 527Alba: Clare: Henry: 27
Henry & Ingrid see Alba age 7 or 8 from 2008 or 2009
October 26 1991 Page: 4Alba: Clare: 20Henry: 28
Henry meets Clare, in real-time.
Henry says that he has never met someone from his future before, meaning he's never met anyone in real-time who, in their past, met a future version of himself. Obviously Henry himself has seen his future self many times. When Henry meets Alba for the first time, she has seen his future self in her past, but this does not occur for him in real-time, Henry travels to the future. Other than this meeting with Clare, there are no other examples of this type of encounter.
After October 26, 1991 Page: ixAlba: Clare: Henry: ?
Henry travels back to 1976, watches 13-year-old self mow his Grandparent's lawn.
All we know is that Henry is with Clare when he makes this trip back. It could be any time between when he meets Clare and his death in 2001.
November 28 1991 Page: 231Alba: Clare: Henry: 28
Henry travels back "around Thanksgiving" to December 24 1969 and witnesses his mother's death
November 30 1991 Page: 129Alba: Clare: 20Henry: 28
Dinner party with Charisse and Gomez. Gomez warns Clare about Henry.
December 14 1991 Page: 137Alba: Clare: Henry:
Henry 36 from May 9 2000 arrives and meets Gomez in the alley.
Weird Gomez moment #2

See May 9 2000 for details on this strange meeting.
December 15 1991 Page: 146Alba: Clare: 20Henry:
Gomez talks to Clare about meeting future Henry
December 22 1991 Page: 151Alba: Clare: 20Henry: 28
Clare and Henry see Henry 33 from November 13 1996
First Henry arrives at Henry's apartment, then Clare meets him while she and Henry are at Violent Femmes concert
December 24 1991 Page: 163Alba: Clare: 20Henry: 28
Clare takes Henry to Meadowlark House for Christmas
This is interesting as, just before dinner, Clare takes him to see the Meadow. This is Henry's first trip to the Meadow. He's never been there before.
December 24 1991 Page: 195Alba: Clare: Henry: 28
Henry disappears from church, travels back to an elementary school.
December 28 1991 Page: 196Alba: Clare: Henry: 28
Henry 28 arrives in his own apartment sees Henry 28.
Henry disappeared on Christmas day from the church, travelled back to time unknown and appeared in an elementary school. From there he disappeared and showed up here.
1992 Page: 57Alba: Clare: Henry: 28
Henry travels back to February 1969, visits Henry 15, talks about determinism
May 9 1992 Page: 219Alba: Clare: Henry: 28
Henry visits his father and Kimy
May 24 1992 Page: 228Alba: Clare: 21Henry: 28
Clare's 21st birthday and Henry's marriage proposal
May 31 1992 Page: 233Alba: Clare:21 Henry: 28
Henry takes Clare to meet his father and Kimy
June 10 1992 Page: 241Alba: Clare: 21Henry:
Celia approaches Clare in a café
September 5 1993 Page: 247Alba: Clare: 22Henry: 30
Henry and Clare talk about drugs for his condition
This is interesting as there is nothing mentioned between June 10 1992 and September 5 1993. 15 months with nothing.

Also, Henry proposes in May of 1992 but they don't get married until October 1993. Why the 18 month engagement? As this is the first we hear is about Henry taking drugs we might assume that he has been travelling a lot, but we don't hear any details.
September 6 1993 Page: 250Alba: Clare: Henry: 30
At Ben's apartment Henry runs into Gomez
September 27 1993 Page: 259Alba: Clare: 22Henry: 30
Clare finds Henry after adverse drug reaction
October 22 1993 Page: 262Alba: Clare: Henry: 30
Henry gets his hair cut
October 23 1993 Page: 274Alba: Clare: Henry: 30
Henry travels back to June 13, 1976 misses wedding ceremony.
October 23 1993 Page: 271Alba: Clare: 22Henry:
Henry 38 from 2002 arrives, stands-in for Henry and "marries" Clare.
October 25 1993 Page: 279Alba: Clare: 22Henry: 30
City hall wedding
January 2 1994 Page: 489Alba: Clare: Henry:
Henry 43 from December 18 2006 arrives, sees Ingrid's suicide
March 1994 Page: 285Alba: Clare: 22Henry:
Clare waiting for Henry to tell her he has traveled back to see her as child, it hasn't happened yet.
In March 1994 Clare states that Henry has not yet travelled back to see her as a child. We know that Clare's recollection is that Henry's first trip back was when she was 10. He kept saying "Oh god" and was bothered by his nudity.

We know that when Henry is 32 he travels back to 1987 and goes to the party with Clare 16. This incident could have been as early as June 16, 1995 when Henry turned 32. We know that on July 12 1995 Henry travels back to 1987 to help Clare 16 get revenge on Jason. We know that neither of these were Henry's first trip back to see Clare.

In fact, on both these trips, Henry is pretty composed. It would appear that he is now comfortable popping in at odd times in Clare's childhood. Therefore the first trip back was probably quite a while earlier.

It is disappointing and odd that we do not hear of this first trip for Henry. Obviously for him its a big deal as Clare fell in love with him because of the childhood meetings that he has yet to experience. For Clare, she and Henry now have real-time shared memories, but most of her shared memories with Henry are from her childhood and real-time Henry does not share them yet. This is why Clare is waiting for Henry to tell her he has begun returning to their past. Given the importance of this event, its surprising that we do not hear about it.
March 1994 - June 1995 Page: 8Alba: Clare: Henry: 30-32
Henry travels back to 1981 - 1982 and visits Clare age 10. This is his first trip back to her childhood.
March 1994 Page: 283Alba: Clare: 22Henry: 30
Married Life
April 13 1994 Page: 287Alba: Clare: 22Henry: 30
Henry brings home TV & lottery ticket
Before May 18 1994 Page: 291Alba: Clare: Henry: 30
Henry travels to future to their house, sees Clare 23 or older in her workshop.
This could have happened any time between October 1991 when Henry first meets Clare and May 18 1994 when he tells Clare that he's seen their house in the future.

As Clare is in the workshop, this had to be after they moved in when she was 23
May 18 1994 Page: 291Alba: Clare: 22Henry: 30
House hunting
July 9 1994 Page: 294Alba: Clare: 23Henry: 31
Moving into new house
After July 9 1994 Page: 291Alba: Clare: Henry:
Henry arrives and sees Clare 23 or older in her workshop.
August 28 1994 Page: 295Alba: Clare: 23Henry: 31
Henry, Clare, & Gomez at beach, bookstore
January 15 1995 Page: 297Alba: Clare: 23Henry: 31
Henry disappears from kitchen
February 3 1995 Page: 298Alba: Clare: 23Henry: 31
Henry 39 from 2002-2003 arrives full of glass as Henry, Clare, Charisse, and Gomez are playing a game.
March 8 - April 11 1995 Page: 303Alba: Clare: Henry: 31
Henry deals with his travels to and from the library. We learn about the Cage.
June 9 1995 Page: 305Alba: Clare: Henry: 31
Henry travels back to 1973 Muncie Indiana from the library.
June 1995 - June 1996 Page: 83Alba: Clare: Henry: 32
Henry travels back to June 5 1987 goes to party with Clare 16
This is not Henry's first trip to Clare's childhood, that would be the trip when she was 10. However, this is the first trip to Clare's childhood that we hear of.
July 12 1995 Page: 92Alba: Clare: Henry: 32
Henry travels back to September 27 1987 helps Clare 16 get revenge on Jason.
This might possibly have occurred prior to the trip to back to the party. All we know of that trip is Henry was 32, It could have occurred between now and June of 1996.
July 12 1995 Page: 103Alba: Clare: 24Henry: 32
Henry returns from Jason revenge, kisses Clare's scar.
December 17 1995 Page: 309Alba: Clare: 24Henry:
Henry 8 from 1971-1972 arrives while Clare is visiting Kimy; Clare decides to have a baby
A very interesting statement here by Clare. She says she's never seen Henry travel to the future like this. That means that every Henry she has ever been visited by is from the future.
March 11 1996 Page: 310Alba: Clare: 24Henry: 32
First appointment with Dr. Kendrick
April 6 1996 Page: 313Alba: Clare: 24Henry: 32
Kendrick calls Henry after his son is born
Several interesting things here. Henry tells Kendrick that he knew about his son because he saw the birth certificate, in 1999. That would mean that sometime before this date, Henry travelled forward to 1999 and saw the certificate.

However, when Henry was visiting Clare and discussing free will, she mentions that Henry had written down information about a baby with Down's syndrome that she was supposed give this to him in 1991, one would assume right after they met in real-time. Henry was 35 in that conversation.
So, Henry younger then 35 had the information. If he needed to get that information to himself before he met Kendrick, why would he give it to Clare before 1984 and not to another version of himself?

Also, Henry was always very vague about when he and Clare would meet in real-time, yet this would seem to indicate that since before she was 13 Clare knew she would have met Henry by or in 1991. All of this seems a bit weird.
April 7 1996 Page: 317Alba: Clare: Henry: 32
Henry travels back to 1971 after meeting with Kendrick again, has Ovaltine with Henry 8,
April 12 1996 Page: 321Alba: Clare: 24Henry: 32
Kendrick starts treating Henry
Spring 1996 Page: 325Alba: Clare: 24Henry:
Clare wants a baby
April 13 1996 Page: 326Alba: Clare: Henry: 32
Henry travels back to October 2, 1966, sits in tree, decides to have baby.
The book states that Henry is 33 when he makes the decision to have a baby. However, by the time Henry is 33 Clare has already been pregnant and had her first miscarriage. It would make no sense for Henry at that point to make this decision. He must have made this decision before Clare gets pregnant in April of 1996. At that time Henry is 32 not 33.
April 22 1996 Page: 328Alba: Clare: 24Henry: 32
Clare gets pregnant
We know that Clare has her first miscarriage on June 3 in her eighth week of pregnancy.
June 3 1996 Page: 328Alba: Clare: 25Henry: 32
First miscarriage
June 13 1996 Page: 330Alba: Clare: 25Henry: 32
Henry in sleep lab
While Henry is at the sleep lab, he leaves and travels to somewhere in the snow, then quickly returns to the sleep lab. We don't know if he's travelled forward or back.
June 1996 - June 1997 Page: 377Alba: Clare: Henry: 33
Henry travels forward to December 28 2000 and unknowingly impregnates Clare 29
November 13 1996 Page: 151Alba: Clare: Henry: 33
Henry travels back to December 22 1991 sees Clare 20 and Henry 28 at Violent Femmes concert
October 12 1997 Page: 333Alba: Clare: 26Henry: 34
Second miscarriage
February 16 1998 Page: 333Alba: Clare: 26Henry: 34
Kendrick finds time travel gene
June 1998 - June 1999 Page: 72Alba: Clare: Henry: 35
Henry travels back to August 23 1984 he and Clare 13 discuss free will
August 12 1998 Page: 335Alba: Clare: 27Henry: 35
Clare's mother dies
September 8 1998 Page: 352Alba: Clare: Henry:
Henry 36 arrives from July 21 1999, visits Kimy
September 12 1998 Page: 337Alba: Clare: 27Henry: 35
Clare mourns her mother
November 26 1998 Page: 338Alba: Clare: 27Henry: 35
Henry helps Clare open her mother's desk
1999 Page: 68Alba: Clare: 27Henry: 35
Henry & Kendrick discuss Henry's condition.
When Henry is playing chess with Clare in 1994, she talks about him possibly being an angel or spirit. Henry thinks that he and Kendrick were having the same discussion back in 1999. Kendrick believing Henry is harbinger of a new species.
March 13 1999 Page: 335Alba: Clare: 27Henry: 35
Henry & Clare meet baby Rosa
Before June 21 1999 Page: 351Alba: Clare: Henry: 35
Henry 40/41 from 2004 arrives, Henry asks him if he and Clare will ever have a baby
July 21 1999 Page: 349Alba: Clare: Henry: 36
Henry travels back to September 8 1998 visits Kimy after fight with Clare
July 18 1999 - December 31 1999 Page: 63Alba: Clare: Henry: 36
Henry travels back to April 12 1984 plays chess with Clare 12
During their conversation Clare asks Henry if she ever sees two of him. He says yes, and thinks to himself that it happens far more than he would like.

We know of the meeting at the Violent Femmes concert, of the Henry-full-of-glass-in-the-kitchen episode and of Henry impregnating Clare while future Henry sleeps.

It would seem, from Henry's statement, that there are actually many more incidents than these, but we do not hear of them.
December 31 1999 Page: 343Alba: Clare: 28Henry: 36
New Year's Eve, One
January 13 2000 Page: 103Alba: Clare: Henry: 36
Henry travels back to September 11 1988 is sketched by Clare 17 who dates it.
January 13 2000 Page: 106Alba: Clare: 28Henry: 36
Henry returns and looks for date on sketch
January 14 2000 Page: 358Alba: Clare: 28Henry: 36
Kendrick demonstrates time traveling mice
February 9 2000 Page: 41Alba: Clare: Henry: 36
Henry travels back to September 23 1977 and visits Clare 6.
This is Clare's first meeting with Henry.

When Henry travels back to September 23 1977 for Clare's first meeting with him, it was not his first trip back to see Clare as a child.
Let's look at the visits to Clare's childhood that we know Henry 36 has already experienced before he travels back to Clare's first meeting with him.
  • 30/31 - The unknown first trip for Henry when Clare was 10
  • 32 - The party when Clare was 16
  • 32 - Revenge on Jason when Clare was 16
  • 35 - The free will discussion with Clare who was 13
  • 36 - The chess trip with Clare at 12
  • 36 - The sketch trip when Clare was 17

Possible meetings (Henry's age unknown):
  • The diary meeting when Clare is 6.
  • The bikini trip when Clare was 12 (Henry is less than 38)
  • The hiding clothes trip when Clare was 16
February 9 2000 Page: 41Alba: Clare: 28Henry: 36
Henry returns and tells Clare "you threw a shoe at me".
March 27 2000 Page: 42Alba: Clare: Henry: 36
Henry travels back to September 29, 1977 and visits Clare 6.
This is Clare's second meeting with Henry.

In the book it states that Henry is 35, but he clearly tells Clare that he is from March 27 2000 and on this date Henry is 36 not 35.
May 9 2000 Page: 137Alba: Clare: Henry: 36
Henry travels back to December 14 1991 sees Gomez in alley
Weird Gomez moment #2.

At this meeting Henry tells Gomez that he will be 38 when Clare first meets him.
This is not true, he will be 36. In fact, his trip back to Clare's first meeting with him occurred on February 9 2000 just 3 months ago in Henry's time.

If we look at it from Henry's timeline:
  • February 9th he travels back to Clare's first meeting with him
  • 6 weeks later on March 27th he travels back to Clare's second meeting with him
  • 6 weeks later on May 9th he claims that he will be 38 when Clare meets him.

It just does not make sense. Actually, these three trips are really messed up. The book states that on the second trip he is 35 but he is 36, and the third says that he is 38 and he is 36. As this first meeting is a hugely important event in the title character's life, its odd that it is reported incorrectly.

Given Henry's light-hearted attitude in this meeting it might even make sense for him when he travels back to 1991 to tell Gomez "Clare met me when she was six, just three months ago 9 years from now in 1977".

Another thing to note here is that, in this conversation, Gomez mentions a photograph Clare has of Henry from June 7 1988. In the photo, Henry looks older, about the way he looks here in 2000. By Henry's reaction we know that he does not yet know about the photo, which means that occurs in the future from him, but we do not know exactly when.
After having been with Clare for 9 years, why does Henry not know about this photograph?
May 11 2000 Page: 362Alba: Clare: 28Henry:
Henry 39 from June - December 2002 arrives and tells Clare to persevere.
June 3 2000 Page: 365Alba: Clare: 29Henry: 36
Henry gives up on having a baby
June 9 2000 Page: 366Alba: Clare: Henry: 36
Henry travels back to November 19 1986 visits Clare 15, her first kiss, after vasectomy attempt
June 9 2000 Page: 370Alba: Clare: 29Henry: 36
Henry apologizes to Clare for first kiss, she deduces the vasectomy
September 2000 Page: 373Alba: Clare: 29Henry: 37
Baby Dreams
September 23 2000 Page: 374Alba: Clare: 29Henry: 37
Clare has more baby dreams
September 27 2000 Page: 375Alba: Clare: 29Henry: 37
Sixth miscarriage
Clare's first miscarriage was June 3 1996.
Her second was October 12 1997.
This means she had a miscarriage every year for six straight years.
December 28 2000 Page: 377Alba: Clare: 29Henry: 37
Henry 33 from June 1996 - June 1997 arrives, impregnates Clare.
February 12 2001 Page: 378Alba: Clare: 29Henry: 37
Clare tells Henry she's pregnant
February 20 2001 Page: 379Alba: Clare: 29Henry: 37
Morning sickness
April 19 2001 Page: 380Alba: Clare: 29Henry: 37
2002 Before June Page: 271Alba: Clare: Henry: 38
Henry travels back to October 23 1993 to stand-in at wedding with Clare 22.
August 20 2001 Page: 381Alba: Clare: 30Henry: 38
Baby name discussion
August 23 2001 Page: 391Alba: Clare: Henry: 38
Henry travels forward to November 16 2011 meets Alba 10 sees Clare 40
August 24 2001 Page: 391Alba: Clare: 30Henry: 38
Henry tells Clare about meeting Alba
September 2001 - September 2005 Page: 385Alba: Clare: Henry: 38-43
Henry travels forward and visits Alba
Between September 2001 and September 2005 Henry travels forward and visits Alba several times.

When Clare and Charisse on July 26 2008 take the kids to the diner, she tells Alba 7 that Henry will arrive on August 29. When Henry meets Alba for the first time in 2011 when she is 10 she tells him that she saw him about a year ago, she would have been 9, and that he visited several times when she was 8.
September 5 2001 Page: 402Alba: Clare: Henry: 38
Henry travels back to his old school (year unknown) during Clare's labor.
September 5 2001 Page: 402Alba: Clare: 30Henry: 38
Alba is born.
September 11 2001 Page: 405Alba: 6 daysClare: 30Henry: 38
October 2001 Page: 82Alba: Clare: Henry: 38
Henry travels back to February 2 1987 tells Clare 16 about her mother's death
March 2 2002 Page: 277Alba: Clare: Henry: 38
Henry disappears and returns to club house on his wedding day.
June 11 2002 Page: 407Alba: 9 mos.Clare: 31Henry:
Clare makes a drawing of 9-month-old Alba
June 2002 - December 2002 Page: 362Alba: Clare: Henry: 39
Henry travels back to May 11 2000 tells Clare 30 to "persevere"
June 2002 - June 2003 Page: 398Alba: Clare: Henry: 39
Henry travels back to February 3 1995 appears in kitchen full of glass.
June 2003 - June 2004 Page: 122Alba: Clare: Henry: 40
Henry travels back to April 8 1989 where Clare 17 introduces him to her grandmother
June 2003 - June 2004 Page: 190Alba: Clare: Henry: 40
Henry travels back to 1985-1986 sees Sharon in Reading Room.
June 2003 - June 2004 Page: 108Alba: Clare: Henry: 40
Henry travels back to December 24, 1988 and tells Clare 17 about his mother's death.
October 12 2003 Page: 410Alba: Clare: 32Henry:
Clare enjoys being alone
2004 Page: 351Alba: Clare: Henry: 40-41
Henry travels back to early 1999, asked by Henry 35 or 36 if he and Clare will ever have a baby.
May 7 2004 Page: 411Alba: 2Clare: 32Henry: 40
Henry vanishes from Clare's exhibit.
We do not find out where or when he went.
July 11 2004 Page: 413Alba: Clare: 33Henry: 41
Henry appears in bad shape on kitchen floor.
We believe this is Henry returning from an unknown trip, not a visit from elsewhen.
December 23 2004 Page: 414Alba:3 Clare: 33Henry: 41
Kendrick talks to Clare at Border's
January 2005 Page: 418Alba: Clare: Henry:
Henry returns to visit Clare 6, she draws him a picture of a duck.
When Henry visits Clare on her 18th birthday, he says "two weeks ago" you were 6 and drew me a picture of a duck.
February 10 2005 Page: 417Alba: Clare: Henry: 41
Henry travels back to May 24 1989, Clare's 18th birthday
This is the last visit to Clare's childhood that we hear about.

Henry does travel back to Clare's childhood twice after this. The first to see himself get shot, and the second to get shot, but in neither case does he "visit" Clare although on the first they see each other and in the second she hears him cry out.

However, during this visit Clare tells Henry that they have agreed to make love on her 18th birthday. Henry here in 2005 is unaware of the conversation, it must occur at some point in the future for him. So, although this is the last we hear about, Henry must have made more trips back to Clare's childhood after this.
February 10 2005 Page: 428Alba: 3Clare: 33Henry: 41
Henry returns from Clare's 18th birthday, she tells him about Gomez
February 18 2005 Page: 439Alba: 3Clare: 33Henry: 41
Henry and Charisse go to the opera
June 12 2005 Page: 443Alba: 3Clare: 34Henry: 41
Alba meets Alba 7 from 2008 - 2009
June 2005 - June 2006 Page: 529Alba: Clare: Henry: 42
Henry travels back to July 20 1979 visits with Alba 10 from 2011-2012 on beach
Before September 2005 Page: 397Alba: Clare: Henry: 42
Henry travels back to Summer 1983, visits with Clare on beach, her first bikini.
January 7 2006 Page: 448Alba: 4Clare: 34Henry: 42
Clare & Henry get phone call from Henry 43 from September 25 2006 who is trapped in a garage, they can't find him.
June 15 2006 Page: 451Alba: Clare: 35Henry: 43
Clare shops at Vintage Vinyl
June 16 2006 Page: 453Alba: 4Clare: 35Henry: 43
Clare surprises Henry with a birthday dinner
June 16 - Sep 25 2006 Page: 468Alba: Clare: Henry: 43
Henry travels back to October 27 1984 sees Henry 43 from January 1 2007 get shot in meadow
Henry also sees Clare, 13, although they do not interact.
Summer 2006 Page: 535Alba: Clare: Henry: 43
Henry travels forward to July 24 2053, sees Clare 82
June 28 2006 Page: 460Alba: Clare: Henry: 43
Henry sees Henry 43 from July 2006 trapped in Cage
July 2006 Page: 457Alba: Clare: Henry: 43
Henry travels back to June 28 2006 gets trapped in cage
July 7 2006 Page: 464Alba: 4Clare: 35Henry: 43
Kendrick tells Henry "it won't work"
July 14 2006 Page: 465Alba: 4Clare: 35Henry: 43
Clare discovers Alba's blood was drawn for a DNA test
September 25 2006 Page: 470Alba: Clare: Henry: 43
Henry travels back to January 7 2006, trapped in garage, calls Henry 42 and Clare 34, freezes
September 27 2006 Page: 472Alba: 5Clare: 35Henry: 43
Henry returns, frozen, in hospital; amputations
October 17 2006 Page: 476Alba: 5Clare:35 Henry: 43
Henry home from hospital
October 26 2006 Page: 478Alba: 5Clare: 35Henry: 43
Clare works; Kimy gets Henry out of bed
October/November 2006 Page: 485Alba: 5Clare: 35Henry: 43
Feet Dreams
November 3 2006 Page: 487Alba: 5Clare: 35Henry: 43
Henry teaches Clare how to cook
December 10 2006 Page: 518Alba: 5Clare: 35Henry: 43
Henry writes letter to Clare
December 18 2006 Page: 495Alba: Clare: Henry: 43
Henry travels back to January 2 1994 and witnesses Ingrid's suicide
December 24 2006 Page: 498Alba: 5Clare: 35Henry: 43
Alba wants Jell-O
December 31 2006 Page: 501Alba: 5Clare: 35Henry: 43
New Year's Eve, Two: Party
January 1 2007 Page: 515Alba: Clare: Henry: 43
Henry travels back to October 27 1984, is shot
January 1 2007 Page: 516Alba: 5Clare: 35Henry: 43
Henry returns, dies
February 2 2007 Page: 517Alba: 5Clare: 35Henry:
Dissolution: Clare finds Henry's letter
July 12 2008 Page: 522Alba: 6Clare: 37Henry:
Dasein: Gomez tries to make love to Clare
July 26 2008 Page: 525Alba: 6Clare: 37Henry:
Clare, Alba, & Charisse go to a diner
August 29 2008 Page: 525Alba: 6Clare: 37Henry:
Henry (age unknown) visits Alba
We know of this because Clare mentions this upcoming visit when she, Alba and Charisse are at the diner.
2008 - 2009 Page: 433Alba: 7Clare: Henry:
Alba travels back to June 12 2005 sees Alba 3, tells her of Henry's death
2008 - 2009 Page: 527Alba: 7Clare: Henry:
Alba travels back to September 3 1990, sees Henry 27 with Ingrid
December 4 2008 Page: 532Alba: 7Clare:37Henry:
Renascence: Clare makes a constellation
2009 - 2011 Page: 385Alba: 8-9Clare: Henry:
Henry (age unknown) visits Alba
We know that during this time Henry visits Alba age 8 several times and once when she is 9. These trips for Henry occur between August 2001 and September 2005
November 16 2011 Page: 385Alba: 10Clare: 40Henry:
Alba and Clare see Henry 38 from August 24 2001 at museum
Nov. 2011 - Sept. 2012 Page: 529Alba: 10Clare: Henry:
Alba travels back to July 29 1979 visits on beach with Henry 42 from June 2005 - June 2006
July 14 2053 Page: 536Alba: 51Clare: 82Henry:
Clare waits for Henry
July 24 2053 Page: 535Alba: Clare: 82Henry:
Clare gets visit from Henry 43 from Summer 2006