The End

Events from Alba's birth to the end. Although Henry now has Abla to share the weirdness of time travel, and begins to believe that through his daughter he will in some way live on, there is a growing awareness that his time is limited.

Both Alba and Henry come to understand that soon he will die. At first they shield Clare from this knowledge, but it cannot be hidden long. This period deals with death a lot. Henry travels back and tells young Clare about her mother's death; he later travels back and tells Clare about his own mother's death; he travels back and witnesses Ingrid's suicide; he travels back and sees himself shot.

September 5 2001 Page: 402Alba: Clare: 30Henry: 38
Alba is born.
September 11 2001 Page: 405Alba: 6 daysClare: 30Henry: 38
October 2001 Page: 82Alba: Clare: Henry: 38
Henry travels back to February 2 1987 tells Clare 16 about her mother's death
March 2 2002 Page: 277Alba: Clare: Henry: 38
Henry disappears and returns to club house on his wedding day.
June 11 2002 Page: 407Alba: 9 mos.Clare: 31Henry:
Clare makes a drawing of 9-month-old Alba
June 2002 - December 2002 Page: 362Alba: Clare: Henry: 39
Henry travels back to May 11 2000 tells Clare 30 to "persevere"
June 2002 - June 2003 Page: 398Alba: Clare: Henry: 39
Henry travels back to February 3 1995 appears in kitchen full of glass.
June 2003 - June 2004 Page: 122Alba: Clare: Henry: 40
Henry travels back to April 8 1989 where Clare 17 introduces him to her grandmother
June 2003 - June 2004 Page: 190Alba: Clare: Henry: 40
Henry travels back to 1985-1986 sees Sharon in Reading Room.
June 2003 - June 2004 Page: 108Alba: Clare: Henry: 40
Henry travels back to December 24, 1988 and tells Clare 17 about his mother's death.
October 12 2003 Page: 410Alba: Clare: 32Henry:
Clare enjoys being alone
2004 Page: 351Alba: Clare: Henry: 40-41
Henry travels back to early 1999, asked by Henry 35 or 36 if he and Clare will ever have a baby.
May 7 2004 Page: 411Alba: 2Clare: 32Henry: 40
Henry vanishes from Clare's exhibit.
We do not find out where or when he went.
July 11 2004 Page: 413Alba: Clare: 33Henry: 41
Henry appears in bad shape on kitchen floor.
We believe this is Henry returning from an unknown trip, not a visit from elsewhen.
December 23 2004 Page: 414Alba:3 Clare: 33Henry: 41
Kendrick talks to Clare at Border's
January 2005 Page: 418Alba: Clare: Henry:
Henry returns to visit Clare 6, she draws him a picture of a duck.
When Henry visits Clare on her 18th birthday, he says "two weeks ago" you were 6 and drew me a picture of a duck.
February 10 2005 Page: 417Alba: Clare: Henry: 41
Henry travels back to May 24 1989, Clare's 18th birthday
This is the last visit to Clare's childhood that we hear about.

Henry does travel back to Clare's childhood twice after this. The first to see himself get shot, and the second to get shot, but in neither case does he "visit" Clare although on the first they see each other and in the second she hears him cry out.

However, during this visit Clare tells Henry that they have agreed to make love on her 18th birthday. Henry here in 2005 is unaware of the conversation, it must occur at some point in the future for him. So, although this is the last we hear about, Henry must have made more trips back to Clare's childhood after this.
February 10 2005 Page: 428Alba: 3Clare: 33Henry: 41
Henry returns from Clare's 18th birthday, she tells him about Gomez
February 18 2005 Page: 439Alba: 3Clare: 33Henry: 41
Henry and Charisse go to the opera
June 12 2005 Page: 443Alba: 3Clare: 34Henry: 41
Alba meets Alba 7 from 2008 - 2009
June 2005 - June 2006 Page: 529Alba: Clare: Henry: 42
Henry travels back to July 20 1979 visits with Alba 10 from 2011-2012 on beach
Before September 2005 Page: Alba: Clare: Henry: 42
Henry travels back to Summer 1983, visits with Clare on beach, her first bikini.
January 7 2006 Page: 448Alba: 4Clare: 34Henry: 42
Clare & Henry get phone call from Henry 43 from September 25 2006 who is trapped in a garage, they can't find him.
June 15 2006 Page: 451Alba: Clare: 35Henry: 43
Clare shops at Vintage Vinyl
June 16 2006 Page: 453Alba: 4Clare: 35Henry: 43
Clare surprises Henry with a birthday dinner
June 16 - Sep 25 2006 Page: 468Alba: Clare: Henry: 43
Henry travels back to October 27 1984 sees Henry 43 from January 1 2007 get shot in meadow
Henry also sees Clare, 13, although they do not interact.
Summer 2006 Page: 535Alba: Clare: Henry: 43
Henry travels forward to July 24 2053, sees Clare 82
June 28 2006 Page: 460Alba: Clare: Henry: 43
Henry sees Henry 43 from July 2006 trapped in Cage
July 2006 Page: 457Alba: Clare: Henry: 43
Henry travels back to June 28 2006 gets trapped in cage
July 7 2006 Page: 464Alba: 4Clare: 35Henry: 43
Kendrick tells Henry "it won't work"
July 14 2006 Page: 465Alba: 4Clare: 35Henry: 43
Clare discovers Alba's blood was drawn for a DNA test
September 25 2006 Page: 470Alba: Clare: Henry: 43
Henry travels back to January 7 2006, trapped in garage, calls Henry 42 and Clare 34, freezes
September 27 2006 Page: 472Alba: 5Clare: 35Henry: 43
Henry returns, frozen, in hospital; amputations
October 17 2006 Page: 476Alba: 5Clare:35 Henry: 43
Henry home from hospital
October 26 2006 Page: 478Alba: 5Clare: 35Henry: 43
Clare works; Kimy gets Henry out of bed
October/November 2006 Page: 485Alba: 5Clare: 35Henry: 43
Feet Dreams
November 3 2006 Page: 487Alba: 5Clare: 35Henry: 43
Henry teaches Clare how to cook
December 10 2006 Page: 518Alba: 5Clare: 35Henry: 43
Henry writes letter to Clare
December 18 2006 Page: 495Alba: Clare: Henry: 43
Henry travels back to January 2 1994 and witnesses Ingrid's suicide
December 24 2006 Page: 498Alba: 5Clare: 35Henry: 43
Alba wants Jell-O
December 31 2006 Page: 501Alba: 5Clare: 35Henry: 43
New Year's Eve, Two: Party
January 1 2007 Page: 515Alba: Clare: Henry: 43
Henry travels back to October 27 1984, is shot
January 1 2007 Page: 516Alba: 5Clare: 35Henry: 43
Henry returns, dies
February 2 2007 Page: 517Alba: 5Clare: 35Henry:
Dissolution: Clare finds Henry's letter
July 12 2008 Page: 522Alba: 6Clare: 37Henry:
Dasein: Gomez tries to make love to Clare
July 26 2008 Page: 525Alba: 6Clare: 37Henry:
Clare, Alba, & Charisse go to a diner
August 29 2008 Page: 525Alba: 6Clare: 37Henry:
Henry (age unknown) visits Alba
We know of this because Clare mentions this upcoming visit when she, Alba and Charisse are at the diner.
2008 - 2009 Page: 433Alba: 7Clare: Henry:
Alba travels back to June 12 2005 sees Alba 3, tells her of Henry's death
2008 - 2009 Page: 527Alba: 7Clare: Henry:
Alba travels back to September 3 1990, sees Henry 27 with Ingrid
December 4 2008 Page: 532Alba: 7Clare:37Henry:
Renascence: Clare makes a constellation
2009 - 2011 Page: 385Alba: 8-9Clare: Henry:
Henry (age unknown) visits Alba
We know that during this time Henry visits Alba age 8 several times and once when she is 9. These trips for Henry occur between August 2001 and September 2005
November 16 2011 Page: 385Alba: 10Clare: 40Henry:
Alba and Clare see Henry 38 from August 24 2001 at museum
Nov. 2011 - Sept. 2012 Page: 529Alba: 10Clare: Henry:
Alba travels back to July 29 1979 visits on beach with Henry 42 from June 2005 - June 2006
July 14 2053 Page: 536Alba: 51Clare: 82Henry:
Clare waits for Henry
July 24 2053 Page: 535Alba: Clare: 82Henry:
Clare gets visit from Henry 43 from Summer 2006