Clare & Henry meet in real-time

This section lists the events that occurred between Clare's first visit from Henry when she was six, up to the moment they first meet time in real-time at the library.

Included here would all listed and inferred visits from Henry to Clare when she was a child. In the book, Clare mentions that there were 152 visits by Henry, but as we will see, only 23 visits are recorded, or can be inferred. For example, when Henry visits Clare on her 18th birthday he says "A few weeks ago you were six and drew me a picture of a duck." This is the only mention of that visit.

September 23 1977 Page: 35Alba: Clare: 6Henry:
Clare meets Henry 36 from February 9 2000 for first time.
September 29 1977 Page: 42Alba: Clare:6Henry:
Clare's second meeting with Henry 36 from March 27 2000.
The book states that Henry is 35, but he clearly tells Clare he is from March 27 2000 at which time he is 36. In fact, this is only six weeks after his trip back to the first meeting with Clare, which for him occurs on February 9 2000.
October 16 1977 Page: 47Alba: Clare: 6Henry:
Clare's third visit from Henry (age unknown). Henry dictates the list of visitations.
When Henry visits Clare for her second visit from him, she asks when he will be back. He said "October 16". Interestingly he also said that "it's a Friday" but this is incorrect. October 16, 1977 was a Sunday.

He also told her to bring her diary, so we can assume that on this trip he dictates the dates to her.
October 1977 - May 1978 Page: 418Alba: Clare:6 Henry:
Clare draws picture of duck for Henry 41 from January 2005.
When Henry visits Clare on her 18th birthday he's coming from February 2 2005 and he tells her "two weeks ago you were 6 and drew me a picture of a duck". It is possible that this visit occurred on the same trip where Henry dictated dates into the diary. All we know is it occurred on or after the diary visit and before Clare turns 7 on May 24, 1978.
December 10 1978 Page: 55Alba: Clare: Henry: 15
Henry gets a visit from Henry 15 from March 1979.
February or March 1979 Page: 57Alba: Clare: Henry: 15
Henry gets a visit from Henry 28 or 29 from 1992, they talk about determinism.
March 1979 Page: 55Alba: Clare: Henry: 15
Henry travels back to December 10 1978 has sex with self.
May 1978 - May 1979 Page: 9Alba: Clare: 7Henry:
Clare makes strange lunches for Henry (age unknown).
July 29 1979 Page: 529Alba: Clare: Henry:
Henry 42 from June 2005 - 2006 arrives and Alba 10 from November 2011 - September 2012 arrives. They visit on beach.
We know that Alba is 10. This also must be after she sees Henry at the museum in November of 2011 as she doesn't mention this visit to him.
May 1981 - Fall 1981 Page: 8Alba: Clare: 10Henry:
Clare is visited by Henry 30 - 32
Clare thinks this is future Henry's first visit to the Meadow. He keeps saying "Oh god" and seems bothered by his nudity. He arrives from March 1994 to July 1995. See March 1994 for details.
August 6 1981 Page: xiiAlba: Clare: Henry:
Henry older than 30 arrives in Motel 6 in Athens Ohio. Ends up in the hospital.
We know Henry travels back to his "very worried wife" so he must be older than 30.
September 28 1982 Page: 58Alba: Clare: Henry: 19
Henry travels forward to November 17 1982, incident in police car
November 17 1982 Page: 58Alba: Clare: Henry:
Henry 19 from September 28 1982 arrives, incident in police car
May 14 1983 Page: 62Alba: Clare: 11Henry:
The Ouija board tells Clare that Henry will be her husband.
Summer 1983 Page: 397Alba: Clare: 12Henry:
Clare at beach in 1st bikini with Henry younger than 38 from before September 5 2001
April 12 1984 Page: 63Alba: Clare: 12Henry:
Clare plays chess in the meadow with Henry 36 from June to December 1999
This is the time Clare tells Henry she had hoped that he was married to her in the future.
June 27 1984 Page: 71Alba: Clare: 13Henry:
Clare alone in meadow, thinking about Henry
July 19 1984 Page: 71 Alba: Clare: 13Henry:
Henry (age unknown) visits Clare.
When she is in meadow thinking about Henry on June 27 she says his next visit is 22 days away.
September 23 1984 Page: 72Alba: Clare: 13Henry:
Clare discusses free will with Henry 35 from June 1998 to June 1999 in the meadow
In this conversation Clare's says that Henry had previously given her information about a baby with Down's Syndrome, obviously Kendrick's son. See April 6 1996 for more on this.
October 27 1984 Page: 70Alba: Clare: 13Henry:
Henry 43 from January 1 2007 arrives and is shot, he cries out Clare's name
October 27 1984 Page: 468Alba: Clare: 13Henry:
Henry 43 from June 16 - Sept. 25 2006, hears Henry 43 from January 1 2007 get shot
He hears Henry cry and sees Clare as she runs out in response. They do not talk.
1985 - 1986 Page: 190Alba: Clare: Henry:
Henry 40 from June 2003 - June 2004 arrives, sees Sharon outside the Reading Room.
We know this happens when Sharon is 12 or so and she is three years younger than Clare. We do not know if Henry sees Clare on this trip because by the time Sharon gets Mark to come down and see "the man", he is gone. Sharon says the he looked "about 40".

This brings up an interesting point. Henry states that he goes into the room and props a chair up against the door to prevent anyone coming in. What happens when he disappears? Is the door permanently blocked closed?
November 19 1986 Page: 366Alba: Clare: 15Henry:
Clare's first kiss with Henry 36 from June 9 2000
February 2 1987 Page: 82Alba: Clare: 15Henry:
Clare hears about her mother's death from Henry 38 from October 2001.
May 1987 - May 1988 Page: 232Alba: Clare: 16Henry:
Clare hides Henry's clothes, tries to get Henry (age unknown) to have sex with her.
June 5 1987 Page: 83Alba: Clare: 16Henry:
Clare drives to party with Henry 32 from June 1995 to June 1996
This is interesting. Henry says to Clare "technically, I'm your husband". We do not know exactly when Henry tells Clare that they will be married. She is 11 when the Ouija Board tells her this, and 12 when she tells Henry that she hoped he was married to her in the future. But we don't know when between 12 and 16 he actually tells her. However, one suspects that by the time he kisses her for the first time, when she is 15, he's already told her.
September 27 1987 Page: 92Alba: Clare: 16Henry:
Clare gets revenge on Jason with help from Henry 32 from July 12 1995
September 28 1987 Page: 100Alba: Clare: 16Henry:
Clare at school after revenge on Jason.
January 2 1988 Page: 26Alba: Clare: Henry: 24
Henry travels back to June 16 1968 meets Henry 6 from same day in museum and young Henry's first time travel episode.
June 7 1988 Page: 137Alba: Clare: 17Henry:
Clare photographs Henry older than 36 from after May 9 2000.
When Henry meets Gomez in the alley in 1991 Gomez mentions this photograph. Henry, who is coming from May 9 2000 and is 36, does not know about the photo so the Henry she photographs must be from after that date.
September 11 1988 Page: 103Alba: Clare: 17Henry:
Clare sketches Henry 36 from January 13 2000 in the meadow
December 24 1988 Page: 111Alba: Clare: 17Henry:
Clare hears Henry 40 from June 2003 - June 2004 tell story of his mother's death.
December 24 1988 Page: 116Alba: Clare: Henry: 25
Henry's drinking binge.
February or March 1989 Page: 122Alba: Clare: 17Henry:
Henry age unknown visits Clare.
On April 8 1989 Clare states that its been "almost two months" since she last saw Henry.
April 8 1989 Page: 122Alba: Clare: 17Henry:
Clare introduces Henry age 40 from June 2003 to June 2004 to her Grandmother.
Late April 1989 Page:122 Alba: Clare: 17Henry:
Henry age unknown visits Clare.
On April 8 1989 Clare states that Henry's next scheduled visit is "three weeks away".
May 24 1989 Page: 417Alba: Clare: 18Henry:
Clare's 18th birthday with Henry 41 from February 10 2005
This is Clare's last childhood visitation from Henry.

As we can see, there were 20 some visits from Henry. These are the only ones we can tell for certain occurred. However, according to Clare's diary, Henry visited her 152 times. That means there are over 130 visits that are not recorded.

Also note that between September 23 1977 and May 24 1989 there are 4,262 days meaning that Henry visited her on average every 28 days or, approximately, once a month from age 6 to age 18.

Henry tells Clare to take her diary with her when she first meets him in real-time [Page 7].
April 14 1990 Page: 433Alba: Clare: 18Henry:
Clare wakes up with Gomez
April 27 1990 Page: 437Alba: Clare: Henry: 26
Gomez approaches Henry and Ingrid.
Weird Gomez moment #1.

Before he meets her in real-time, Henry hears Gomez say "Clare says hi!". He realizes that his future is creeping up on him and wonders who Clare might be. But when he meets her 18 months later and realizes that she knows his future self - and her name is Clare - he does not recall this incident.

This is unusual because, as Henry says later, he loves it when little inexplicable things fall into place.
June 1990 - December 1990 Page: 48Alba: Clare: Henry: 27
Henry travels back to June 7 1973, meets Henry 9 from June 13 1973 and teaches him to pick pockets
September 3 1990 Page: 527Alba: Clare: Henry: 27
Henry & Ingrid see Alba age 7 or 8 from 2008 or 2009
October 26 1991 Page: 4Alba: Clare: 20Henry: 28
Henry meets Clare, in real-time.
Henry says that he has never met someone from his future before, meaning he's never met anyone in real-time who, in their past, met a future version of himself. Obviously Henry himself has seen his future self many times. When Henry meets Alba for the first time, she has seen his future self in her past, but this does not occur for him in real-time, Henry travels to the future. Other than this meeting with Clare, there are no other examples of this type of encounter.