Up to Clare's first visit from Henry

This section covers all events that occur from the earliest up to the first time Clare meets Henry when she is six years old.

The earliest event we know of occurs in 1903. Although we hear of Henry travelling into the past, most references are to his own childhood. This is one that occurs far in the past. We do not know if there were other trips to the past, that is, before Henry was born.

1903 Page: xiiAlba: -Clare: -Henry: -
Henry (age unknown) arrives in Oak Park, Illinois, throws up on wooden sidewalk
Henry tells Clare that he has travelled approximately 50 years in each direction. The 1903 date would then seem to be the earliest date he has visited as it is 80 years in the past. At the time Henry tells Clare this, he has not yet travelled to see Clare when she is 82, however that would be about 50 years in his future. Other than that trip we do not hear of any trips that far in the future, the visit to Alba when she is 10 is the furthest.
1950's Page: ixAlba: -Clare: -Henry: -
Henry (age unknown) arrives on fine autumn day, throws up on tennis court.
Early 1950's Page: 354Alba: -Clare: -Henry: -
Henry 7 from 1970 or 1971 arrives sees Kimy's daughter Min in back yard.
We know Kimy's daughter dies in 1956 at the age of 7 so it was before this.
Unknown Page: 402Alba: -Clare: -Henry: -
Henry 38 from September 5 2001 arrives having disappeared during Clare's labor, visits old school
Henry tells us of many trips to his own past. He sees his parents and himself at various ages, his mother pregnant with him, his parents pushing him in a stroller and so on. We are not given any details, though. His exact age as a child, from when he is travelling, nor his age.
Unknown Page: 195Alba: -Clare: -Henry: -
Henry 28 from December 24 1991 arrives in an elementary school having disappeared from church.
Henry disappears from the church during the Christmas service and arrives here. After a few minutes he disappears and travels forward to December 28 1991 and appears in his own apartment.
Early 1963 Page: 109Alba: -Clare: -Henry: -
Henry (age unknown) arrives and sees his mother, pregnant with him.
Sunday, June 16, 1963 Page: 22Alba: -Clare: -Henry: -
Henry is born.
We are told that Sunday, June 16, 1968 is Henry's fifth birthday.
October 2 1966 Page: 326Alba: -Clare: -Henry: -
Henry 32 from April 13 1996 arrives, sits in tree and decides he wants a baby.
The book states that Henry is 33, but this must be incorrect. See April 1996 for more.
June 16, 1968 Page: 22Alba: -Clare: -Henry: 5
Henry makes first trip, travels to Field Museum and meets Henry 24 from January 2 1988.
We are told this is the same day as Henry's real-time trip to museum, but there is no proof of that. That Henry's first time travelling occurred for him on the same day as his birthday trip to the museum we know. However, young Henry hears from older Henry that the meeting takes place on the same day. Older Henry has the memory that it was the same day, but is this only because older Henry had told him that? It is possible that they both travelled to another day.
June 16, 1968 Page: 26Alba: -Clare: -Henry: 5
Henry 24 from January 2 1988 arrives, meets Henry 5 in the museum.
December 24, 1969 Page: 113Alba: Clare: Henry: 6
The car crash. Henry's second trip. His mother dies.
He travels from the car to somewhere else and back to the side of the road but we don't know where he goes nor for how long.
December 24, 1969 Page: 231Alba: Clare: Henry:
Henry 28 from around Thanksgiving 1991 arrives, sees mother's death.
We hear from Henry that he travels back to this scene many, many times. In at least one instance he interacts with his 6 year old self, meeting him on the side of the road and wrapping him in a blanket. However, other than the incident above, we do not know from when Henry travels. It would appear, though, that this is a fairly regular trip for him throughout his life.
June 1970 - June 1971 Page: 354Alba: Clare: Henry: 7
Henry travels back to the early 50's (before 1956) and sees Kimy's daughter Min in back yard.
Monday, May 24 1971 Page: 417Alba: Clare: Henry:
Clare is born.
We are told that May 24, 1989 is Clare's 18th birthday.
June 1971 - June 1972 Page: 317Alba: Clare: Henry: 8
Henry makes Ovaltine for Henry 33 from April 7 1996.
June 1971 - June 1972 Page: 309Alba: Clare: Henry: 8
Henry travels forward to December 17 1995 sees Clare 24 in Kimy's kitchen.
Sometime in 1973 Page: 305Alba: Clare: Henry:
Henry 31 from June 9 1995 arrives in Muncie Indiana.
June 7 1973 Page: 48Alba: Clare: Henry:
Henry 9 from June 13 1973 (next Wednesday) arrives and meets Henry 27 who arrives from June - December 1990, pickpocket lessons.
June 13 1973 Page: 48Alba: Clare: Henry: 9
Henry travels back to June 7 1973, meets Henry 27 from June - December 1990, is taught how to pickpocket.
1976 Page: 56Alba: Clare: Henry: 13
Henry sees girl at skating rink killed by a flying puck.
1976 is a guess. When the two Henry's both 15 are talking about it on December 10, 1978, younger Henry says it occurred "a couple of years ago".
1976 Page: 56Alba: Clare: Henry:
Henry less than 15 arrives, returns to skating rink and tries to save girl. Fails.
1976 - December 1978 Page: 56Alba: Clare: Henry:
Henry travels back to skating rink and tries to save girl killed by puck. Fails.
This has to occur between the actual event and December 1978 when the two Henry's discuss it.
June 13 1976 Page: 276Alba: Clare: Henry:
Henry 30 from October 23 1993 arrives at his Dad's apartment after disappearing from wedding.
1976, summer, after June 16 Page: ixAlba: Clare: Henry: 13
Henry older than 28 arrives, watches Henry 13 mowing his grandparents lawn.
Henry says he is sitting in bed with Clare dozing beside him when he makes this trip so he is coming from after October 26 1991 and is at least 28. It must be after June 16 as young Henry is 13.
September 23 1977 Page: 35Alba: Clare: 6Henry:
Clare meets Henry 36 from February 9 2000 for first time.