Sarah driving off into storm in Terminator

In the chronology pages we will use following technique. We will describe events as they happen. When we reach a point where someone is sent from the future into the past we will stop and re-describe those events taking into account the changes due to the time traveler's arrival. We will continue those events up to the point where the traveler is again sent back, which must occur to avoid paradoxes, and then continue into the future.

We begin with the original unaltered timeline and continue until we either reach a paradox, or we can successfully describe all of the events in all three stories in one continuous timeline. If successful this should include 7 chronologies as we have 6 visits from the future.

Chronology 1 is the original unaltered timeline.
It ends with the T‑800 being sent back to 1984.
Chronology 2 describes events changed by the T-800's arrival.
It ends with the Kyle being sent back.
Chronology 3 lists how Kyle's arrival changed events.
It ends with the T‑1000 returning to 1994.
Chronology 4 are events changed by the T‑1000.
It ends with the T‑800 being sent back.
Chronology 5 describes the altered sequence due to the T‑800's arrival.
It ends with the T‑X returning to 2004.
Chronology 6 shows how the T‑X arrival changed events.
It ends with the T‑800 being sent back by Kate.
Chronology 7 shows the sequence of events altered by the T‑800 arrival.

In Chronology 7 we should be able to describe all events in one straight timeline.

After each chronology we will briefly talk about that sequence of events.

One point we need to understand regards Kyle's telling Sarah the date of Judgment Day. In Termintor Kyle never actually states the date.

There was a nuclear war. A few years from now ...
All this, everything, is gone. Just ... gone.

However, when we see Sarah talking with Dr. Silberman in Judgement Day, she knows the date. "On August 29, 1997 it's going to feel pretty fucking real ...". As there is no other way for Sarah to know this, Kyle must have shared this information with her.