The Terminatrix

Events changed by the arrival of the T‑X

  • Sarah lives her life.
  • On Friday, May 11, 1984, a T-800 Terminator arrives to kill her.
  • Kyle arrives to protect her.
  • Kyle shares with Sarah knowledge of Skynet, Judgment Day (1997 - false), the War with the Machines and Sarah's unborn son's role in leading the resistance and the legend of the great Sarah Connor.
  • Kyle becomes John's father.
  • The T-800 fails to kill Sarah.
  • Cyberdyne obtains parts from the T-800 and begins to develop Skynet.
  • Sarah gives birth to John on February 28, 1985.
  • Knowing about the war, Sarah goes underground and raises John to be the leader of the resistance.
  • In 1993 Sarah is diagnosed with leukemia. She and John return to Los Angeles.
  • Sarah attempts to blow up Cyberdyne to prevent the war.
  • She fails and is incarcerated in Pescadero. John lives with foster parents and is enrolled in school.
  • On Thursday, March 24, 1994 John meets Kate in Mike Kripke's basement.
  • On Friday, March 25, 1994 a T‑1000 Terminator arrives to kill John.
  • A reprogrammed T-800 arrives to protect John.
  • John succeeds in liberating Sarah and they successfully destroy Cyberdyne.
  • CRS gets Cyberdyne's patents and continues work on Skynet.
  • Sarah dies of leukemia in 1997.
  • John goes off the grid.
  • On Friday, July 24th, 2004 a T-X arrives to kill John's lieutenants.
  • John and Kate meet again at the veterinary hospital.
  • Judgment Day happens Saturday, July 25th, 2004.
  • John rises to leadership in the resistance along with Kate.
  • Skynet sends a T-800 Terminator back to kill Sarah.
  • John sends Kyle back to become his father.
  • Skynet concludes that its attempt to kill Sarah must have failed and sends a T-1000 Terminator to 1994 to kill John.
  • John reprograms a T-800 Terminator with detailed files on Myles Dyson and Cyberdyne, and sends it to 1994.
  • Skynet concludes that its attempt to kill John must have failed. It wants to send a Terminator to kill John just before Judgment Day but cannot find any record of his whereabouts. It sends a T-X back to 2004 to kill John's lieutenants.
  • Skynet kills John.
  • Kate reprograms a T-800 and sends it back to 2004 to get she and John together and into a safe location.

Notes on Chronology 6

We can see the fruit of John's careful thinking about changing the past. This chronology is identical to the last except for the arrival of the T-X in 2004, an action taken by Skynet. John's actions resulted in exactly the same chronology as before.

Obviously, John must go through the same revelations and come to the same conclusions about the changes to the past he has made. This is one of the reason that sending Kyle back with the 1997 date is so crucial. It is the fact that Kyle told Sarah Judgment Day happens in 1997 and it actually happens in 2004 that starts John off in the process of thinking about the effects on the past.

We know that John and Kate somehow survive Judgment Day. They also manage to evade the Terminator sent back to kill John's lieutenants (Kate is on that list).

So, the T-X is working its way through the list of lieutenants when it comes across Kate's name. It seems likely that it would attempt to locate her at her apartment first rather than at the clinic. It would find her fiance and kill him and take his form. It may simply wait for Kate to show up, or it may decide that, since she is not home, she is probably at work and so goes to the clinic.

Now, Kate encounters John and locks him in the cage. Hercules, with a hairball, arrives. Kate lets John know that she remembers him. The Terminator does not show up at this point, being at Kate's apartment. So, Kate treats the cat and, after the customer leaves, she lets John out of the cage. Because it is possible that the Terminator comes to the clinic after not finding Kate at home, and we know that John and Kate survive, they must have left the clinic before the Terminator arrives. Possibly just to go to breakfast and reminisce about the good old days at West Hills Junior High.

Regardless, somehow John and Kate evade the T-X and remain together until the bombs fall.