The pride of our tables is the mint-condition Wishbone dining room table. This has been in the family since the early 1950's and is in great condition.

Not long after we inherited this, it was being moved and one of the legs snapped off! We were heartbroken. As a warning, do not drag this table as the legs can break! We were able to find a furniture refinishing company near by who repaired the table so well that you cannot tell it was ever broken. We highly recommend them.
Thank you Kelly Refinishing.

Square end table
Style: Ashcraft
Era: 1950's
Size: 21" sq. × 26" H
Corner table
Model: C3755
Era: 1940 - 1944
Size: 29" W x 19" D x 23" H
End Table [2]
Model: C3943G
Era: 1941 - 1944
Size: 14" W x 28" D x 22" H
Step End Table
Style: Surfboard
Model: C3753G
Era: 1940 - 1944
Size: 15" W x 30" D x 22" H
Rectangular Coffee Table
Model: M3942
Era: 1941 - 1944
Size: 19" W x 36" D x 16" H
Revolving Cocktail Table
Style: Wishbone
Model: M1576G
Era: 1950 - 1960
Size: 32" diameter x 15" H
Dining Room Table
Style: Wishbone
Model: M197G
Era: 1948 - 1955
Size: 40" W x 58" D x 29" H
94" D with leaves