We inherited the M590 buffet. However, when we acquired our Fiesta collection we need someplace to store it all. We had seen the M509 · M593 combination online several years earlier. When we went looking to purchase it though, we discovered that it is apparently quite rare. We contacted Strictly HeyWake who informed us that the hutch was only produced for one year and that it was so rare, they had only seen one example of it.

This was seriously disappointing as this was exactly what we wanted. The solid wooden shelves, the sliding glass doors and the staging space below. For almost two years we looked and then, one day, one showed up on eBay! It was part of a collection, all being sold as one but we contacted the seller and were able to work out a deal and bought the buffet and hutch. It is now one of our prized possessions!

China Cabinet
Style: Encore
Model: M509 (hutch) · M593 (buffet)
Era: Hutch: 1953
Buffet: 1950 - 1955
Size: 54" W x 18" D x 73½" H
Hutch: 49½" W x 14" D x 39½" H
Buffet: 54" W x 18" D x 34" H
China Cabinet
Style: Encore
Model: M175 (hutch) · M590 (buffet)
Era: Hutch: 1948 - 1950
Buffet: 1950 - 1955
Size: 34" W x 18½" D x 64½" H
Hutch: 32" W x 14½" D x 32" H
Buffet: 34" W x 18¼" D x 32¾" H
Style: Encore
Model: M590
Era: 1950 - 1955
Size: 34" W x 18¼" D x 32¾" H