Rating: Year:2015
Cast:Cate Blanchett Length:1h 35m
Director:Julian Rosefeldt Country:Australia, Germany
Writers:Julian Rosefeldt Genre:Drama
Synopsis: 12 maifestos on art, all performed by one person.
Cast:Cate Blanchett
Director:Julian Rosefeldt
Writers:Julian Rosefeldt
Length:1h 35m
Country:Australia, Germany
Synopsis: 12 maifestos on art, all performed by one person.

This film was a joy to watch. Some of the visuals were just stunning and Blanchett's performances were magnificent.

The "story" is simply the combination of 60 artist's manifestos of edited together. They are all read by Blanchett who plays 13 different roles in the film. This will not be everyone's cup of tea. If you have no interest in art or art's relationship to the world or the opinion of artists on art, this may bore you to tears. Two of us loved it; two fell asleep.

However, the film is only an hour and a half, and the cinematography if stunning. We hear these interwoven manifestos from her on Fluxux/Merz/Performance as a Russian choreographer; Conceptual Art/Minimalism as both a news anchor and a reporter; Stridentism/Creationism as a young tattooed punk; Surrealism/Spatialism as a puppeteer; Vorticism/Blue Rider/Abstract Expressionism as a CEO at a party; Situationism as a homeless man; Film as a school teacher; Dadism as a eulogy speaker at a funeral; Futurism as a stock broker; Architecture as a worker in a garbage plant; Pop Art as a mother and family at a meal; Supermatism/Constructivism as a scientist.

Amazingly the movie was shot in only 12 days in Germany. The premier was in Blanchett's home town in Australia. The children seen in the Pop Art sequence are her own children, and the original presentation was on 12 large screens all playing at the same time.