Starting the end of the last milennia an assembly began to gather each week for Dinner and a Movie. We would rotate, each member taking a turn at hosting, providing food, presenting the movie. We decided to call this happening Film Club.

We realized early on that needed to keep track of what had been shown and so this website was born.

The task of keeping the site up-to-date became onerous and the whole process fell to the wayside.

We (the webhosts) have decided to attempt to revive this site. We are adding each week the film that was shown at Film Club, we are attempting to add in all of the movies we have watched over the last few decades, and for our own benefit we are adding movies that we have seen but that were not presented at Film Club.

As we add movies we give them a rating, but only in some cases do we actually have a review. We hope to add these over time, but it will be a slow process. We must also admit that these are not true reviews but rather a brief description to allow someone to quickly know whether it might be something they would be interested in.

We will talk about the genres and the rating system on the Discussion page.