There's no place I can be since I've found Serenity


If you have not seen Firefly do not read any further than this Introduction page.
The rest of this site assumes that you have already been in the 'verse.


Firefly was a television series created by Joss Whedon. It aired in the fall of 2002 and was cancelled after only 11 episodes were shown. It is one of the best series ever and should never have been cancelled.

To get an idea of the excellence of this show consider these facts.

And yet, given all of these impediments to success and reasons it should have faded into obscurity, take a look at where Firefly ranks in the following lists:

Two years after the series was cancelled, Joss Whedon was able to make the movie Serenity that tied up some of the story lines.

We recommend that you watch the series and movie - now.

One thing, though. The characters occassionally speak Chinese. The subtitles only show "Chinese" if they have anything at all.
We developed a Viewer's Guide that contains all of translations (thanks to Firefly-Serenity Chinese Pinyinary). You may wish to download this and print it out as a reference while watching. There is a PDF version and a Word Document version.

How this site started

This all began simply as an attempt to determine how much time elapsed during particular episodes and in between episodes. We tried to devise an overall timeline and had difficulties. We then discovered that others had already worked on this in great detail and left that task to them.

So we simply began to list each episode and use our best guess for travel time. We then decided to include the translations of the Chinese phrases used throughout. We then added a screenshot and quote for each and next thing we knew we were including transcripts for each episode. This just sort of built upon itself with no real purpose or goal.

The site is now complete (almost). It has been divided into sections.

Star Systems

Star Systems is where we list each of the five stars that make up the 'Verse with every planet and moon. Any planets or moons that either appear in an episode or are referred to in an episode will have a note beside them as well as a link to that episode.

On the Episodes pages, any reference to a planet or moon has a link back to this visual listing.


The next section is Episodes. Here we have each episode listed with a screenshot and quote. We list where they travelled to and from; the time mentioned or interpreted; we list each location actually seen or referred to and end with any notes we may have regarding that episode.

We then display all of the Chinese phrases in that episode with translations.

Following that, we have the full transcript for that episode.

The transcripts for each episode list the Credits - the original air date, the writer(s) and director and list the Guest Cast with thumbnails. We then have the entire transcript divided into Acts.

Just for the fun of it, we gave each Act a "title" using a quote from that section of the show. Although not an episode, we included the movie Serenity as if it were an episode. Also, because the movie and the pilot episode share the same name - Serenity - we have decided to rename the pilot to Passengers leaving the name Serenity for the film.


Then we have Credits. This lists our source materials for images, transcripts, timelines and the like. We also list with thumbnails actors, both the crew and a few others. We also list each writer and the episodes they wrote as well as the episodes and which writers contributed.


Finally we have Revival. This is an attempt to explain how the series could indeed be revived. We make no claim to creativity and certainly the creators of the series would be much more inventive should the show ever rise from the grave. However, we do believe that the series could be revived and we could get what we have hoped for - more Firefly.

This is simply our attempt to show that, even though many, many years have passed, it could be done. We feel that, should Joss Whedon (and Tim Minear) be involved, a high quality revival could succeed.