Fiesta® - often called Fiestaware - is produced by the Homer Laughlin China company (HLC). They began releasing Fiesta in 1936 and continued until 1973 at which time it they ceased production. They began production again in 1986 and it continues to this day.

This site lists all of the Fiesta we currently own as well as all of the Fiesta we wish to own.

(L) indicates a Legacy color, one produced before 1973.
(R) is a Retired color, one introduced after 1986 but that has since been discontinued.

Legacy & Retired colors are preferred!

(D) is a Discontinued item, that is, an item that is no longer produced by HLC.

HLC produces two other lines of dishes - often with the same or similar colors as Fiesta - called Harlequin and Riviera. However, these are not Fiesta and we only collect Fiesta. (Okay, we have one - one - Harlequin salt shaker).

Quite often you will see items listed as Fiesta that are actually one of these other styles. Don't be fooled.

Below is a comparison of tea pots in Fiesta, Harlequin and Riviera styles.